Our Services

At New Image, we are able to offer a wide range of services to keep your hot tub running as well as it was the day you installed it.

Chemicals and Cleaning

We supply a full range of the following to keep your tub in top condition:

Chlorine & Bromine granules & tablets, PH increaser, Alkaline increaser, Calcium hardness, filter cleaning products, test strips, shock dosing products and filters.


Owning a hot tub is more of a pleasure when it's been maintained and cleaned correctly.

This is when all you see upon gazing into its water is your clear reflection. There are steps to be taken that are not too hard, and if followed, will help keep your spa tub in good working order for many years.


At New Image we offer a comprehensive spare parts service and we have considerable experience of supplying and sourcing the parts you need. We stock many different parts for a variety of hot tubs and spas from all the major manufacturers, and if we don’t have it in stock then we can get it for you promptly.

For spare parts enquiries we recommend you have the following information available:

a) Name of part required
b) Hot tub details: make, model, and year
c) Other information: part number, description


We offer a professional repair service for your hot tub.

Our engineers have vast experience and knowledge. You are assured of fair pricing, and that your hot tub fixed quickly and efficiently if it breaks down.

We understand you want to get you hot tub repaired, and back up and running as quickly as possible.

Hot Tub Servicing

We offer a comprehensive set of service packages for your spa or hot tub and from just £129.00; servicing spas and hot tub by all major manufacturers. With 2 levels of servicing and also a seasonal service, if you don’t wish to use your tub through winter or want it ready for summer, we've got it covered!